Wreck Racing’s BMW E28 wins 2020 GRM $2000 Challenge, to be retired

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Wreck Racing’s Turbo V8 BMW takes third at 2019 $2000 Challenge!

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Wreck Racing Calendar

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Our Purpose

Wreck Racing is an all-student racing team that builds cars for the Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge.

With a tight budget, the $2000 Challenge favors those with more ingenuity and skill than money.  As many as 100 different teams return each year to battle it out and see who can squeeze the most performance from a penny.

Our Members

There are typically three types of people who will join Wreck Racing:

I. These are people who know very little about cars, but would like to know more. Whether it be driving, fixing, breaking, tuning, or even general maintenance these people are in the club to learn as much as they can about cars. Nowhere else at Georgia Tech can you find a club that will provide you with more hands-on experience with real cars. This allows students to finally put their classroom theory into real-life situations.

II. These people are generally experienced gearheads. They know a lot about cars and can tell you anything about cars ranging from normal maintenance to high-performance modifications. More than likely, these people drive a fast car (or more than one of them!) and are pretty good at it! They typically join the club because we can offer them one of the most unique and challenging automotive experiences they will ever have. Building a car for just over $2000 is no easy task. Building a car that can race hard for two days straight for $2000 takes a serious engineering effort.

III. The final type of person usually owns at least two cars (neither of which was purchased for more than $500) and has performed at least one engine swap on both of them. These guys are total car freaks. When they are not trying to piece together a Wreck Racing car, you can probably find them in their own garage trying to piece together their own. Wreck Racing offers these people their car fix while stuck at school.

So come on out and visit Wreck Racing. No matter previous experience, members are able to work on a car that will provide them with no end of tuning, tweaking, cutting, welding, painting, wiring, soldering, taping … well, you get the point.

If you love cars and have not found your way to our garage, you don’t know what you are missing! New members are always accepted no matter their current skill level or major!